Talking to Users & Prioritizing The Mental Health Problem

Lately, I have realized that every fibre of my being resists talking to users. The real problem is of course psychological — and VCs who provide good advice know that.

Writing, and rewriting for the sake of getting clarity

Where are the use cases specifically for entrepreneurship burnout?

Research, Self-Belief and the Hit the Ground Testing

Money, money after all

Focus and Factual Problem Indicators

Using paper, phone calls and fax referrals — is that a cultural behaviour problem? Or is it because they just don’t know what a good website looks like? I think McKinsey has been calling it a “digital storefront” for a while now.

Differentiating and understanding what people want

The burnout problem is real and expensive

Alas, averages are averages and do not necessarily reflect the distribution of customer behaviour (Who says the distribution necessarily be normal?) These figures might not necessarily be reflective of the doctors who set up offices in urban areas near you. Numbers carry another facade. They are only indicators to generate more questions that get at the cause of these problems: practical barriers and prevalent cultural attitudes that are difficult to change.

Segmentation is Marketing and Vice Versa

A study out of UC Berkeley says a whopping 72% of entrepreneurs have some kind of mental-health issue. Of the entrepreneurs they studied, 30% had a history of depression, 19% had ADHD, 12% had substance abuse issues, and 11% reported having bipolar disorder.

The Economic Impact of depression — it’s a global problem

Mental Disorders rank 2nd in terms of economic impact

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What does this mean?



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