On examining philosophical origins for entrepreneurship

  • What if Derrida was actually quite right about the nature of language?
  • If we can bring back philosophers of times past, who would we ask to sit for our panel?
  • Are all online social participation and reviews worth the same? Do all opinions offer genuine value?
  • What are the philosophies that drive these contemporary entrepreneurs to innovate?
  • What does ‘Carpe Diem’ mean in our current times?

The danger of complying with appearances only.

Complying with appearances masks the lack of true understanding of complex issues that need resolutions and sustainable solutions. These issues are generally complex enough that a tagline of your product value proposition wouldn’t be able to elaborate on the genuine value that your disruption would bring.

Having Clarity of Future Vision

The ability to envision, visualize within their mind, the future accurately and attach positive emotional value to it is crucial to generating self-motivation and determination to reach long term goals. Progress and short term feedback rewards are also quite necessary to generate the momentum required to reach these goals. Willpower, self-discipline, and ability to associate positive emotions to the future outcome, are purported inner forces of the self that are essential ingredients to the recipe of success far into the future — for the entrepreneur, or the musician practicing to perform a score.

Serendipitous Distractions.

Carpe diem was an expression of the ideology for living and enjoying the moment. Not affected by distraction or future worries. Is it because long term goals are too uncertain, and certainly not a guarantee to bring the desired result? Perhaps the most perplexing thing is its English translation of “Seize the day”. If the moment you’re living in is indeed a living thing, then the mere aggressive action of seizing, as the verb implies, would most likely result in killing it. There is another interpretation to the expression: letting it be, letting the day exist, simply, instead of imposing undue force onto it. While this could just be an example where certain cultural expressions in language cannot be entirely and accurately transalable in another language because of the limitation of cultural collective construct in meaning (Derrida’s point), it is perhaps a good opportunity to reflect on these evolving language and cultural constructs and their longer term implications in regards to the conditioning of the mind.



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