Healthily Match Pre-Launch⚡️

We’re envisioning an entirely new workflow experience for the therapist to amp up their productivity and reduce stressors in their work life.

Imagine that a successfully managed daily work life consists of adequate relaxation time, self emotional management and environments that promote relaxation. You would think these ingredients would be essential to maintaining a healthy state of mind.

We know that there are many stress factors that contribute to the burnout in a therapists’ life:

  1. The lack of differentiation in the therapists' profiles and the lack of general knowledge in the therapeutic approaches that therapists take can deter any potential patients from reaching out and trying. Frustratingly, your patients could give up trying to find a therapist because these online profiles look the same anyway.
  2. Cognitive overload in screen time that results from too much webpage navigation, clicks, the constant logging in and logging out to complete specific tasks.
  3. Lack of timely feedback and treatment progress monitoring with clinically validated outcomes means patient satisfaction isn’t taken into account and therapists cannot prove or disprove the efficacy of a method (For example, finding out that psychodynamic therapy isn’t the right approach to a patient who struggles to self-monitor stress levels and develop relaxation skills)

We’re introducing a new product to help therapists:

📈Grow their practice
🥵Reduce #burnout
🗓Automate scheduling, billing & admin
👩🏻‍⚕️Differentiate themselves
🎯Prove treatment progress
🎉Amp up their productivity when they zero in on priority tasks

We’ve been working diligently on researching the right problem and concepting the solution. Back in February, we submitted our solution to the ATA Telehealth Challenge and we were informed to have cleared the first round. (yay!) Since then, we have evolved our product.

Product demo for a patient profile to showcase mental health improvement with decision-support alerts.

Are you interested in our product?

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