Blog Post: 2020 Year in Review

That was then, this is now.

2020 New Beginnings

  • I started writing on Medium, after discovering another favorite author of mine died several years ago because of cancer.
  • I graduated from my MBA from Rotman, and was really compelled to stress-test entrepreneurial and business concepts for their validity in application, and other practical suggestions from experienced leaders. (In particular, the concept of “bias towards action”).
  • Discovery of an affinity towards social impact investing after doing much research on specific topics because of a Social Impact Investing Case Competition. In particular, I find the problems important for our time: climate change, global warming, overfishing, global shortage of healthcare workers.
  • I got rather inspired by entrepreneurs who are figuring their way towards disrupting traditional and archaic systems while solving genuinely difficult and important problems in society, thanks to the Creative Destruction Lab course.
  • Healthcare innovation is necessary to make people healthier in an affordable and accessible way through preventive care and care management. I acknowledged the many chronic health conditions throughout my life, the lengthy time it can take to schedule an appointment with a specialist, and decided that tech can and should really enable a better health experience for others — and myself. Is it possible to have chronic flu?
  • I decided to take on entrepreneurship myself with a focus on product development, market research and testing value creation concepts. Hefty challenge. I’m learning that the process of creation and design is different from my regular presentation-focused and data excavation mindset. If there is no data to begin with — what do I create? What do I take on and what would I outsource?
  • There’s a lot of discussion regarding the future of work. Specifically, how technology is changing the way we live. Even much of the courses in the MBA program requires us to imagine a future state of things that technology-centred.
  • Much of MBA concepts is about realizing how much of it is history and other parts that are actually applicable. (Case studies are historic snapshots of business situations) Is there a problem in current education? For a product manager, having the same language that you can communicate with developers is important to understand what is realistic to implement, and what isn’t. Does your education provide this? Are we setting the right expectations?
  • The Virtual Professional Life. I attended a few online conferences, particularly the AllRaise Bootcamp, and audited online classes on Electronic Medical Records in Healthcare. After reading on these Healthcare IT frameworks (FHIR), it raises the question whether we’re using it to solve the right problems.

Please find a selection of my articles from the previous year.

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