If it appears that startup philosophies and other mementos are inextricably linked to product development ideologies, you might be correct in thinking that. After all, looking at the source of inspiration for individual or collective entrepreneurial pursuits is a way for the (dispassionate) bystander to deduce the rationale and logic pathways that arrive at the conclusions. And usually, these conclusions are hypotheses about what consumers want and need, that the product solution would then “promise” to deliver.

“Ever tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail Again. Fail better.” — Beckett.

What Beckett tries to get at here is that…

Lately, I was genuinely excited by the move to all things virtual because of the pandemic. Perhaps I really was super excited that there is finally another way to experience life where there’s a priority on conserving energy and possibility of efficiency. Networking events, conferences, webinars, bootcamps and all that. VCs will tell you contradictory things such as 1. this is not work, and 2. you need to find a co-founder. Great — I will be working on this ASAP.

Part of the excitement is due to the fact that I’m now working on my own product idea, and I’m…

Healthcare Series Part 2. The Research: Collecting Facts

In my first post of the Healthcare series, I’ve reflected on four core problems in the healthcare system: 1. The historical lack of interoperability in EHR, 2. Private equity consolidates health practices while patients lose, 3. Limiting approaches and inconsistent definitions contribute to misdiagnoses, while continuing to encourage specialists to keep diagnosing new speculative conditions. 4. Problems in rural healthcare can be alleviated through telehealth solutions. I encourage you to call out if any of these facts are unreliable proxies.

If, after reading this post, you’re either very excited about building the future of healthcare or vehemently opposed to my…

A personal goal of mine was to begin writing regularly. Specifically, I took a class beginning of last year 2020 because the professors required that we must read specific articles before class and then submit our thoughts for discussion prior to the beginning of that class. The general formula here for building a practical writing habit is: Interesting articles + Reflections = Write.

I’ve started working on a next generation telehealth concept to change healthcare for the better. If you’d like to be notified of our next posts, please subscribe to our newsletter.

That was then, this is now.

This year, I need to write three…

Healthcare Series Part 1. Starting thoughts

It’s almost another year. Upon researching into the multitude of problems that plague the healthcare industry in the previous few months, I’ve decided to summarize my observations. After all, getting clarity into root problems (if there are indeed root causes) would mean solving the right problems and not only the symptoms of the problem.

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Lack of interoperability because of conflicting interests amongst EHR vendors.

While this is changing because of pressure from tech giants enabling solutions that allow interoperability, historically, there are still a lot of end user complaints regarding the lack of accessibility to…

The lost craft of fostering an authentic human connection.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the effectiveness of dating apps. The oddity of their proclaimed missions and marginal competitive product advantages: find your relationship and leave this app. (What’s the customer LTV if they leave?! Not a great sign for the investor.) There are guiding prompts to help people to market themselves more effectively: showcase their quirks, interests, etc. There is another new social app in town funded by a (very) well known venture capital firm, and it aims to solve for better, more authentic human connections. If you’ve been noticing startup and tech user behavior trends over the past…

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you would have noticed that I began questioning and researching the possible root causes of over-hyped startups earlier this year. Essentially, the question is: why do a majority of venture capital firms over-value and glorify certain startup visions?

Because tech is a very data-driven field and great venture capital firms have no shortage of talent to share these insights, I looked to a16z. Specifically, I looked to their examination of the marketplace startups. The problem appears to be that consumers like all things that are immediately gratifying and superficially satisfying: food, grocery…

“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”

— Voltaire

In a similar vein of thought, if ghosts did not exist, it would be necessary for writers (who desperately require muses to avoid writer’s block) to invent them. This is particularly true of the korea drama genre. The struggles of another lifetime, the romanticized version only. While the use of ghosts takes a historical, humanistic approach to examining the current times, it also goes the other way. …

In my post today, I’m going to examine and speculate upon a few questions:

  • What if Derrida was actually quite right about the nature of language?
  • If we can bring back philosophers of times past, who would we ask to sit for our panel?
  • Are all online social participation and reviews worth the same? Do all opinions offer genuine value?
  • What are the philosophies that drive these contemporary entrepreneurs to innovate?
  • What does ‘Carpe Diem’ mean in our current times?

We’re all critics. The economy of trust, reviews, and likes harnesses the positive powers of our tendencies to critique. In…

There is a very poignant takeaway in two electives that I’ve taken during my MBA: Design Thinking and Innovation Design. The former class is taught by a professor who invited practicing design consultants to share their practical insights, and the latter by a professor who has an industrial product design background. Both classes aim to solve the problem of product innovation, especially for larger corporations — and attempts to create a repeatable method / process. Both very different approaches highlight the importance of developing empathy for the customer. …

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